Brandi Harrell blue braid out

Real Women, Real Curls Campaign


The #RealWomenRealCURLS Campaign has begun!

If the shoe fits, wear it! The REAL WOMAN, REAL CURLS CAMPAIGN is all about you. We know that you have a story to tell and we want to share it with the world. Save the overlay below to create an image of yourself. Then, on Instagram, share your personal REAL WOMEN, REAL CURLS CAMPAIGN image with your personal story. Remember to tag your post with #realwomenrealcurlscampaign for a chance to be featured on @frizzfreecurls Instagram Page! Then share the downloaded overlay with friends to join in!

Meet CURLista @k_moniquebeauty! Thank you for joining the #RealWomenRealCURLSCampaign


@k_moniquebeauty - "Growing up I hated my curls! I remember having to straighten my hair everyday just to maintain the frizz and even getting relaxers in my hair at a young age! Going natural taught me how to accept my individuality and truly accept who I am as a person from the inside out. I love that I am able to stand out in a crowd with my big hair and educate others on being natural."

Can't wait to hear YOUR story!

On the image- overlay below, click or right-click, and hit save to download this image below.


If you are unable to download and save the image, email to request the image. After downloading you can use an app like @picsart to add the photo on top of your image to create your look.