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Best Kids Conditioner for Curly Hair


Best Kids Conditioner for Curly Hair

Curly kids are in the early stages of development and need to establish firm, consistent hair care routines for future hair success. Start your son or daughter on the right foot to prepare them for a lifetime of healthy curl care. Teach them how to manage their hair type in the areas of cleansing, styling, and everything in between. While the entire hair care process is important, there are certain measures that are more important than others, like curly conditioning. Here is why:

Conditioning your Child’s Curls

No two curls are created equal. With the many loops and curves of curls, each twist or turn marks a susceptible area for damage; therefore critical care is necessary. The same is true for long hair, the longer the hair grows, the more damage could occur along the tips. This is caused by the consistent wear and tear of the hair over time, as well as the distance between the scalp’s sebum and the ends of the hair. You see, the scalp’s sebaceous glands supply the hair with natural oil called sebum. This precious ointment is ultra-nourishing to the hair and is similar in composition to jojoba oil. It spreads itself along the hair shaft and also serves as a protectant to hair threads. However, many hair types do not produce enough sebum to adequately hydrate and protect their curly hair. Therefore additional conditioning is in order. You can get a quick snapshot of how much conditioning is needed by observing different types of hair. Curly hair needs more conditioning based on the intensity of the curl. Therefore, if your child has wavy hair, they will need moderate conditioning which should occur immediately after each cleansing session prior to styling. It is rare to find a person with wavy hair that has excessively dry hair. Curly hair on the other hand needs even more conditioning and should include the use of a rinse out conditioner like Curly Qs Coconut Dream Conditioner after each cleanse followed by a leave in moisturizer like Curly Qs Moist Curls Curl Moisturizer/Detangler to help retain and attract moisture to the curls.


Benefits of Conditioning

Conditioning the hair improves texture, softens, enhances, strengthens and protects the hair strands from the stress of daily styling and exposure to the elements. Think about your child’s lifestyle. Children are often running, playing sports, laying down, taking naps, sometimes in the dirtiest of places, etc. They are active, and therefore attract more dirt and debris than the average adult. Hence, consistent cleansing and conditioning is required. Here are a few ways to benefit from a conditioner:

Refresh your Kid’s Curls

After establishing a consistent hair care regimen, you may find times when you feel like you don’t need to shampoo your child’s hair and you just need to refresh or re-style it. During these times, you can use CURLS Coconut Dream Conditioner to perform a conditioning rinse, also known as a co-wash. This practice will rehydrate the hair by welcoming moisture and strength to the inner and outer parts of the hair. Continue this pattern every time you need a hair “pick me up.” Remember there is no need to replace this with shampooing your child’s hair. The cleansing process is very important, but the co-wash will work best in addition to your existing regimen. To co-wash, simply wet your child’s hair and apply the Coconut Dream Conditioner throughout. Leave on the hair strands for 5 minutes during your co-wash, massaging the product into the hair strands and scalp. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Next, saturate the strands with CURLS Moist Curls Moisturizer or head straight to your styler to set your child’s hair style for the day. The act of co washing will add conditioning agents to the hair, making the hair softer and more manageable. Detangle your Kid’s Curls There are a few key moments when detangling is most effective. Before washing your hair, you can gently perform a dry detangle using your fingertips and a bit of coconut oil if necessary. Another key moment is while conditioner is on the hair. Conditioners are formulated to be thick and have “slip” to thoroughly surround the hair strands and add emollients and other powerful conditioning additives to the hair. Use this time to gently comb or brush your child’s hair and release the tangles while also protecting the hair from harsh manipulating. After your first condition, you may repeat if necessary. The next window of opportunity is after rinsing. At that time, the hair is adequately moisturized, and is stronger and ready to handle styling. Finally, with children, you never know what things may arise. Sometimes your child may wake up to a huge knot in their hair or the hair may lock up during styling. When this happens, you can also use your Coconut Dream Conditioner to slowly and gently loosen the knot to save the hair. So, now you know a few additional benefits to using the best conditioner or curly kids. Stick to this organic hair care formula to protect your child’s hair from damage and prepare them for a lifetime of healthy hair. For more information visit