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How to Rock the Hair Bonnet.... or Not!

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Is the Bonnet Hot, or Not?

The verdict is in! CURListas have a LOT to say about whether or not they rock the hair bonnet or NOT! Check out this week's #frizzfreeCURLSchat on our CURLS @frizzfreecurls Instagram Page. It's amazing what a HAUTE topic the hair bonnet is! Let's take a peek at some of the key Instagram comments on the question at hand:
  • By @loveandfitness10, "According to "Wife School" wearing a cap, bonnets or scarves is something only a single woman does because married women who wear them are "bad wives". They are putting their hair above their husband and making him less attracted to her because he has to see her in that. ? When my hair was straight I would wear a scarf because I wrapped it. But now I'm natural and have a pixie with finger coils so I wear a bonnet, I don't leave the house in it though."
  • By @adjoa_yiadom, "I don't know about any of you but my husband doesn't care. It's not the bonnet he cuddles up to."
  • By @jenegoshay, "Bonnet life is the only life I know ....wild and free never worked well for me."
  • By @shandrabaltimore, "I've always always sleep on satin....even when I travel I pack satin pillow cases. When I use to flat iron my was wrapped in a silk scarf. And before they made bonnets the size that they do hair never fit in a bonnet. I have only pulled my hair up in a pineapple and slept on a satin pillow case." 
rockTHEbonnet3 Sounds like there are mixed responses all the way from a satin preference, to silk, to husbands, boos and pineapples. What say you? Well, if you are having mixed feelings about whether or not to wear your satin or silk cap or bonnet, you're in luck, the CURLS Professionals are here to help you make this SUPER important decision! A young latin woman lying down in bed.

The Truth about Sleeping with CURLS

Curls of all kinds tend to me more fragile when compared to naturally straight textures. This due to each twist, turn and curve of the hair strands. At each point of transition, you are witnessing opportunities for breakage. The scalp's natural sebum greatly helps to hydrate and protect the strands, but curly hair makes it a difficult task to travel down the length of the coils. For CURListas, knowing and accepting the true nature of curly hair includes the acknowledgement that curly hair can be prone to dryness and breakage. Therefore, tender love and care is in order if you desire a full, healthy batch of curls. Let it be known, that your hair care regimen is incomplete without proper nighttime care. Even with the best products on the market ( aka, CURLS), tons of water in your system, plus hair growth and beauty supplements ( ex. Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin), your hard earned hair growth could be wiped out and exchanged for breakage and dryness. When we sleep, whether you know it or not, we typically move and adjust our bodies roughly 13 times per night. We do this to stretch our muscles and keep the blood flowing throughout our body. This is a great thing and should not be adjusted. However, with frequent movements on textured tresses, friction occurs, which can result in breakage and hair damage. Therefore, silk and satin sleeping aids for women with textured hair and here to save the day. Sleeping on these two textures will lessen the opportunity for friction to protect your healthy hair, reduce split ends and breakage, and prevent excessive wrinkles and skin challenges ( BONUS!). Each night it is best to sleep with a bonnet or pillowcase for best practices.

When to choose a pillowcase:

This option is best for women who wear their hair in full-bodied, free curls. Your hair and scalp will have a chance to "breathe" and be free. This is also a great option for hair that is extremely fragile and cannot go into a pineapple or ponytail holder. Feel free to utilize this option but remember to stay on the pillow!

When to choose a bonnet:

This option is great when keeping a style in check. If you love a tame wash and go, use a bonnet. It's concealed framework will keep your style an few extra days. If you have extreme scalp sensitivities or dandruff, this option may not be the best for you as it could lead to sweating which will further irritate the scalp. And that's it! Each night, end your day by sleeping on these two royal options. To take your night routine up a notch, moisturize your hair with CURLS Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner and seal with CURLS Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil before retiring to bed. These tips are perfect for improving the quality of your hair OR if you are on a hair growth pattern, will help retain length! Curls2-1226

So take these tips to be on the path to healthier hair and tune in to @frizzfreecurls on Instagram to catch our next week's #frizzfreecurlscurl.

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Thanks for tuning in, we are looking forward to seeing your growth!