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10 Top Items for Hair Growth Part 1

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10 Top Items for Hair Growth

Ready to take on the grow and slay challenge?

We are still growing and slaying this year and have kicked off with @naturalhairdoescare this time around and you should join us! Click this link to join our Facebook Group.

Ready to begin? Well half of the battle is already won for you because hair grows whether you do anything or not. In fact, the average rate of growth is 1/4 rate of growth to 1/2 inch of hair growth per month. If you are wondering where your hair growth rate is, you can take an accurate measurement at the beginning of one month and take the same exact measurement in the same clothes, standing in the same place at the end of the month. Now, it is important to know that our natural rate of growth is determined by genetics and lifestyle, but there are certain measures you can take to speed up or low down your rate of growth. Here are a few tools to have in your hair growth tool kit to support your growth goals.

A Plan

If you fail to plan, you are essentially planning to fail. Like any other goal in life, you must have a vision and expected outcome. It is best to "begin with the end in mind" like Steve Covet says. Visualize what you want, consider your objectives and then it will be much easier for you to get to your desired outcome. If you need assistance with creating an award winning growth plan, we've got you!

A Measuring tool

Begin your start date with a length check. You can measure your hair in a number of ways. You could obtain a measuring stick and pull the length of your hair at the natural fall placement, rather than over-directed and write down your length measurement. Each month you will hold your head straight and preferably have another person measure your hair length on all parts of the head shape which includes Bangs/fringe. Side length, back length and layered length if you so desire. With each length check, be sure to measure the hair at the exact angle as the previous measurement, preferably in the same place, with the same clothes on. Finally, when measuring, hair prep is key. Therefore style your hair in such a way that you get consistent results. A light blow out helps to see length but is totally optional.

A Clear White T-Shirt

Another measuring tool to do during length check time, is to utilize an old or new, clear shirt. I prefer a plain, white tee. Follow the same measuring method mentioned above, only mark the length with a permanent black marker. Beside, the measurement, write the date!

A Moisturizer

Moisturizing the hair at key moments is crucial for success in retaining the growth you are achieving. Dry hair will eventually end with breakage, but moisturized hair can withstand normal wear and tear, manipulation, and the effects of the environment. Moisturizing the hair will condition the hair shaft and prevent further damage while adding hydration to the inner and outer layers of the strand, making it more flexible and moldable. We recommend CURLS Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner. curls-2016-1

A Sealant

Your moisturizer is only as effective as your oil sealant. Because, without a protective sealant, your newly added moisture will evaporate your strands before the job is done. The rate at which your moisture evaporates is dependent upon your hair porosity and your environment. Drier weather will pull moisture from your hair in an attempt to equalize the environment. The oil will serve as a protective measure to seal out any processes of the environment leaving your hair full of moisture. This process of moisturizing and sealing can also end with a cream styler as the last and final step. The cream will style your hair while adding another layer of protection.

This three step procedure is known as the loc method: l- Leave In

49118243 O- Oil

BBhairoil (1) C - Cream


So utilize these hot tools to add to your hair growth plan and look out for even more tips and tricks from CURLS. We will help you #GROWANDSLAY this New Year! Follow @curls on Instagram and follow @Naturalhairdoescare on their hair growth challenge. For more information, catch more informative blog posts by clicking here. For the best in curly hair care, click here.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this piece!