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Why the Vegan-World is Taking Over the Hair Care Market


Why the Vegan-World is Taking Over the Hair Care Market

By Tiffani Douglas

How the vegan world is taking over the hair care market For many, veganism isn’t just a diet but rather a lifestyle. Women are not only eliminating animal products from their diets and dinner plates but also from their beauty products and hair care routines. Vegan products are exploding into the hair care market, and they are expected to continue growing in popularity. These all-natural products, free from animal-derived ingredients are becoming increasingly attractive. Not only because using them decreases the number of animals used in experimental testing, but also because vegan beauty products are fundamentally better for our hair, skin and overall health.


Benefits of Using Vegan Hair Care Products

The movement in our society to take better care of ourselves and our environment has been the impetus for cleaner living. As a result, consumers are now eating less meat, purchasing fewer products that contain harmful chemicals or animal by-products, and embracing vegan products made from all-natural, organic, plant-based ingredients for good reason. The problem for many is traditional hair care products on the market contain ingredients derived from animal hooves, placenta and steroids made from animal glands, which can cause allergic reactions, inflammation in hair follicles and even hair loss. These products also have a negative effect on our environment. The benefits of consuming vegan products over commercials hair care products are vast. Here are four reasons you should be using vegan hair care products and using only the best natural products for curly hair.
  1. Healthier hair. Hair products that contain chemicals and animal by-products may give you the look and results you desire, temporarily, but over time they can cause damage to your hair and scalp. Organic hair care products like CURLS’ Green Collection do not contain harmful ingredients and work with your body’s natural chemistry to enhance and increase the healthiness of your hair and scalp. Plant-based products contain essential vitamins and minerals that stimulate hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth.
  2. Vegan products are eco-friendly. Because organic hair care products are made from the earth, they are gentler on the environment. When you cleanse your hair, chemicals from traditional hair care products are washed down our drains and into our water systems and ultimately into our environment. Vegan hair care products are biodegradable and don’t pollute our eco-systems and are consequently better for our environment.
  3. Organic hair care products are safer to use. Chemically-laced hair care products can cause irritation and allergic reactions that can have long-term effects on your hair and scalp. The skin is our body’s largest organ and our scalps absorb everything we apply to it – good or bad. Vegan products are an overall healthier choice and take the worry of chemical exposure out of your hair care routine.
  4. More bang for your buck. Because vegan hair care products are not loaded with animal products, parabens, sulfates, fillers, and other harmful chemicals, you get more value from your purchase, and your hair gets more of what it needs – vitamins, minerals, and natural oils. All while using less product. A little goes a long way with natural products and that’s worth celebrating the extra “green” you’ll have in your pockets.
Whether it’s what you put in your body or on your hair, there’s no denying that veganism is here to stay. Vegan and organic hair care is healthier for individuals and the world around us. To learn more about the best natural products for curly hair, visit