Why Protein is Good for Curls?

Why Protein is Good for Curls?


Why Protein is Good for Curls?

By Tiffani Douglas

Why protein is good for curls You’re confident you’re doing all the right things to keep your curls hydrated and gorgeous. But lately, you’ve noticed your curls have just stopped cooperating. If your curls are limp, lifeless and desert-like, and you’ve tried everything, maybe it’s time for a protein treatment, sis. By now your moisturizing game is strong. You have a killer hair care regimen and you’re using the best curly hair care products for your hair type. However, if your elasticity is weak and your curls are dry, poorly defined just won’t do right. It’s time to get your protein game up!



Protein is Essential to Healthy Hair

The key to keeping your curls manageable and healthy is not only ensuring that your moisture level is tight but also making sure that your hair’s protein/moisture balance is on point too. Protein treatments promote healthy hair growth and help strengthen, nourish and protect your hair from the outside. Since your hair is made of keratin, a type of protein, it’s only natural that you’d apply an occasional protein treatment to help your hair maintain its strength and retain moisture.



How Do I Know If I Need a Protein Treatment?

Protein typically works by nourishing the hair externally. It strengthens your curls from the outside helping to prevent breakage and moisture loss. Protein treatments, like CURLS’ Bamboo Protein Treatment, are conditioning treatments that bind fortifying proteins to the cuticle layer of your curls, making them healthier and stronger. If your curls are protein deficient, you can expect to see one or more of these telltale signs.
  1. Low elasticity. When your hair is protein deficient, it loses its elasticity or ability to snap back after being stretched. A sure sign of protein deficiency is when the hair is stretched and easily breaks instead of returning to its natural, springy state.
  1. Curls are stringy and limp. If your hair loses its volume and looks dull and stringy, you can bet there’s a protein problem. You can easily make the mistake of thinking your hair needs more product to spruce it up, but it only works against you as more product can weigh your curls down causing your hair to look even more lifeless.
  1. Hair feels mushy or gummy. Dang girl, if your hair feels gummy or sticky, you’ve probably over moisturized it in an effort to rehydrate protein-poor hair. Remember, healthy hair is all about a good moisture/protein balance and too much of either can be a detriment to your hair health.
  1. Increased shedding or breakage. Though hair loss can be attributed to many factors, when you see an increase in shedding or breakage it likely doesn’t come from the root. In fact, it’s likely that your curls are lacking the protein it needs to properly thrive and retain moisture.
It’s also worth noting that while your curls can greatly benefit from protein treatments applied topically, your hair and follicles also need to be nourished from the inside. To learn more about the best all-natural curly hair care products, visit https://curls.com


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