Transformative Style with CURLS Offering CURL and COIL Styling Solutions

Transformative Style with CURLS Offering CURL and COIL Styling Solutions

Do you ever just wonder, could my hair do that? Well, dream no more CURLfriends! CURLS has a host of styling aids to create ALL of your dreamy hair styles.

Transformative Styling for COILY Hair Types

Women and men at the height of the texture scale can create the most amazing hair styles. Due to the level of texture, which also tends to come along with volume and sometimes density, presents endless styling options. Lucky you COILfriend!

So, CURLS is here to encourage you to let your hair live out its best life with its best looks.

Transformative Styling for CURLY Hair Types

Like the coily-haired community, curly-haired CURLfriends also want to have fun and play up or down their texture. What tickles your fancy today? Do your style needs change on the daily? We assumed as much. That is why we have listed a few trending looks that will transform your appearance and our attitude altogether. Check out the styling support options listed below to help you achieve your hottest looks.



A low pony, a high pony, or a mid-center ponytail is always transformative. Something about wearing your hair out of your face screams, “ Look at me, I am here!” You can achieve this look by giving yourself a profile part from the middle front forehead to the center of your head which should align with the top of your ears. You can get a great middle part by using a straight edge comb and look to the middle of your eyebrows for a center point.

Tips for COILY Hair

For coils, start off by applying the Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner for quick moisture. As needed, spritz some water onto your strands to wake up the texture. Then, grab your choice of stylers. We recommend layering on your products to get the best finish. You can start with a gel and then layer on one of CURLS edge pomades for a strong hold to your sleek pony. A really great professional tip is to brush the hair back into the ponytail in 1–2-inch sections starting at or below the ear. Continue working your way up the shape of the head by applying your product to each section and then brushing the hair into the ponytail.

Tips for CURLY Hair

The challenge with getting all of those CURLS into one ponytail is frizz and control! Therefore, for curly hair you should also start with wet or damp hair and grab your favorite hair gels to apply before brushing your hair into the ponytail. Be sure to smooth the hairline down first with the brush and then with your hands and fingers. Style your edges with your choice of CURLS edge stylers listed below and BOOM!


Tips for COILY Hair

The operative word here is “set.” This wet and wear style requires each coil to be molded into your desired shape. This “wash n go” look can be achieved by washing and setting each coil of the hair with gels and pomades or you can easily install a twist or braid out to get long lasting defined coils. A great pro-tip is to use CURLS pomades along the hair shaft for elongation.

Tips for CURLY Hair

CURLfriend, you are the originator of the wash and wear look. To take this look up a notch, take the “setting” approach used by COILfriends. After cleansing and conditioning, apply your gel stylers and get a good shake and scrunch if needed. Then, section the top of the hair off and focus on the back layer. Take small clumps of hair and smooth and twist down the hair shaft to achieve a highly defined curl. Perform this action until all hair has been set. Let air day or diffuse.



Tips for CURLY and COILY Hair

This is the go-to hair style for many people with texture! Sometimes it is just best to give the hair a “break,” and allow it to be perfectly styled each day with minimal effort. We get it and we LOVE it! When wearing individual braids or twists with extension, remember to give your hair the daily attention it still needs to thrive. Nourish your scalp with one of CURLS Scalp Treatments listed below. A great pro tip is to also grab a spray bottle and fill it with water and leave in conditioner and spray this on your hair as needed to up the ante on moisture and conditioning while protective styling.


This is the time to not shy away from the gamut of styling options that texture hair has been afforded. CURLS is here to help! Check out the list below of texture styling solutions to transform your everyday styles.

GEL Stylers:

Edge Pomade Stylers:

Cream Stylers:

Leave In Conditioners:

Finishing Oil

Scalp Treatments:

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