The Struggle is NOT Real Anymore! Get the Best Products for Curly Hair Under There

The Struggle is NOT Real Anymore! Get the Best Products for Curly Hair Under There

Hair growth can be a struggle, but CURLS Hair Under There collection makes finding hair products for curly hair under there - EASY PEASY! Now, growing your hair while also protecting it comes easy. This collection is perfect for those who want to maintain the health of their natural pattern while also wearing their favorite wigs, weaves, and sew-ins. 

Start off your hair growth process with a detoxifying shampoo like the Hair Under There Detox Cleansing shampoo.

Infused with herbal tea, this sulfate-free, purifying and cooling shampoo rids the scalp and hair of build up from weeks of protective styles! This clarifying shampoo can also be used on curly weave and/or extensions. Revitalize your scalp and deep cleanse your hair after taking out your weave, wig, or extensions. To use, simply rinse hair with warm water. Lather & massage Detox Tea Cleanser into scalp. Rinse well! 

Next, apply the Strengthen Me Moisture Mask to strengthen your hair.

Condition, moisturize, strengthen, and protect. Apply this purifying hair mask to rid scalp and hair of build up from weeks of protective styles. This hair mask can also be used on curly weaves and/or extensions!

Make sure the crown of your head gets the moisture it needs with the Bomb Braid In Conditioner.

This softening & hydrating pre-installation treatment is perfect for braiding hair. This leave-in conditioner can be used on curly weaves and extensions and also after taking down braids to prevent breakage. It is crucial to not braid dry, brittle or moisture-deprived hair, as it will only further damage your hair! Start with conditioned hair with this protective, BOMB,  “braid in” conditioner.

Rehydrate your scalp with the Soothe and Cool Me Scalp Potion.

Apply Soothe & Cool Me Scalp Potion directly to your scalp before and after braiding your hair and before installation of a protective style. You can also use after taking your braids out to refresh the scalp before shampooing and conditioning!

For girls who love a “laid and slayed” look, finish off with the Protect Me Edge Styling Pomade.

It can be so hard to find curly hair products to help transform your look.  Look no further, this transformative pomade is infused with vitamins to thicken and protect delicate edges, prevent breakage and thinning.  Use this pomade after a sew-in or other weave installation method and throughout styling.

We know how hard it can be to maintain healthy hair while wearing protective styles- let CURLS help make the process easier!  The best products for curly hair under there is definitely CURLS Hair Under There Collection!  You👏 will👏 love👏!  SHOP NOW!