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Please…Don’t Get it Twisted: 4 Steps to Getting the Perfect Twist Out


By Tiffani Douglas
 When you think about natural hairstyles, naturally you think of the twist out. Though the twist out is a popular style amongst girls with naturally curly hair, many times it can be a challenge to perfect. Some common problems curly haired girls face when trying to achieve the perfect twist out are frizziness, poor curl definition, and flyaways. But with good product and process, your twist out can be a dime every time! First, let's look at three variations of the twist out.


Types of Twist Outs

Single-strand twists/finger coils. Begin at the root, and twist your hair either inward or outward around your finger until you form a coil shape. Use small sections of hair, apply gel and make sure that your hair is properly moisturized to make this style a success.


Two-strand twists. This is the most common type of twist out for naturally curly hair where you use two strands of hair instead of one. First, take a small section of hair and divide it into two sections as if you are attempting to plait. Then stretch your hair out and twist the hair from the root to the ends. To finish the look, apply a small amount of gel to the ends and twirl into a curl using your finger.

Flat twists. Flat twists are essentially two-strand cornrows that give your natural curls hella volume and curl definition. Part your hair in a row, divide the top of the row into two strands then twist over and under all the way to the ends, collecting more hair into the two strands while keeping the twist flat to the scalp. Now that you are familiar with the three twist out styles for naturally curly hair, how do you perfect it?


How to Achieve the Perfect Twist Out

Step 1: To ensure that your twist out is perfect every time, start with clean, conditioned, hydrated hair. No matter how great of a job you do, if you don't start with a good, clean foundation your twist out can become twisted very quickly! Powerhouse Sea Moss Cleanser and 92 Mineral Glow Conditioner is the dynamic duo you need to prepare your hair for a fresh, beautiful twist out.


Step 2: After you decide what type of twist out you want then you must choose the right products. No matter which style you choose you must make sure your hair is detangled and well-hydrated, but not over saturated. Use a wide-tooth comb and a good moisturizer like our Moisture Magnet Sea Moss Curl Cream that will soften and condition the hair and help you comb through with ease.

Step 3: The twist out requires A LOT of gel! You will want to make sure that the hair is damp but not so wet that it causes your curls not to set. Applying Sea Moss Curl Shine Jelly helps to set your twists, add sheen, give you killer curl definition and keep frizzies and flyaways away.

Step 4: Every good twist out requires a great takedown. Unraveling your twists is just as important as the twist out itself. Be careful not to ruin your great work when styling. Make sure your hair is completely dry before unraveling, because you unravel while your hair is still wet, it can cause frizz and poor curl definition. Applying Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil to your fingertips while carefully unraveling your twists will help strengthen your hair and add ultra-sheen to your style.

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