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Mistakes You're Making with Your Twist Out

Mistakes You're Making with Your Twist Out

By Tiffani Douglas

The perfect twist out is the enigma of textured hairstyles for many curl sistas. Every step of the process is in constant question, and no matter how many articles you read or YouTube videos you watch, you just can’t get it right. Even the most experienced naturalistas can struggle with achieving the flawless twist out. Since there are so many fickle variables involved in creating a great twist out, a little or too much of something can totally derail your do. So, if you’ve never been able to get your twist out quite right, let’s check out some common reasons why your twist out keeps getting twisted.

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Twist Out

The right stuff. Every good hairstyle begins with the right products. If you are using the wrong products it could be the reason your twist out looks like a chunky afro - okuuuurt. Through trial and error, you must figure out what products work for your hair type and stick with it. For fluffy, softer twist outs, you’ll want to use rich curl creams. If you live for more defined curls, try a styling and twisting gel for curly hair. Don’t get tangled up. Detangling your hair is essential to a good twist out and for curly hair care in general. If you don’t detangle, you can’t properly prepare and neatly section your hair for twists. Thoroughly detangling before attempting to twist your hair, prevents breakage and ensures a smooth, tangle-free style. Use Moisture Magnet Sea Moss Curl Cream to make hair more easily manageable and moisturized in preparation for twist out styles. Doin’ too much. When trying to achieve the perfect twist out, not only is it important to use the right curly hair care products, it's also crucial that you use the right amount of product. Too much product can oversaturate the hair and prevent it from completely drying. Twist outs need to be totally dry to work. Follow the directions on the label and gradually add more if necessary. Speaking of drying…If you want a fabulous twist out, it is imperative that you allow your hair to dry completely before untwisting it. Untwisting your hair while it’s still damp or wet can cause frizz and demolish your curl definition. In a word… mess! More about drying…Take note, a huge part of having a fabulous twist out is about the drying. If you used a hood dryer or blow dryer, make sure you allow your hair to completely cool down before attempting to untwist it. Sometimes after your hair cools, you will find some damp spots still remain, and you will want to address those trouble areas before completing your style. Keep the party going. To maintain your twist out and to make it last, pineapple or retwist your hair every night. Remember, moisture is the key to beautiful healthy curls. To learn more about curly hair care products that can help you achieve the perfect twist out, visit