Maintain Your CURLS and go Anti-Frizz…Even in High Humidity

Maintain Your CURLS and go Anti-Frizz…Even in High Humidity

Summer is just around the corner! The warm air and sunshine unfortunately usually also comes with humidity and frizz. It can be hard to maintain the structure of your curls when the heat adds some volume that you weren’t exactly looking for- so let us help you! In a humid area, your best friends include formulated hydrators and formulated stylers to set the curls and protect them against the intense humidity in the environment.  Trust us, when you utilize specific hair products for frizzy hair, you get the results you are looking for. 

Consider frizz to be a message from your curls that they’re feeling dehydrated.

The number one way to combat the frizz that comes with humidity is to keep your curls moisturized. This is a confusing concept because you’d think that humidity means “wet” so shouldn’t that mean moisturized? While you’d think this would be the case, humidity has the opposite impact on hair that’s already lacking moisture. 

You can help bring moisture back to your hair by using a deep conditioner or a curly hair mask.

Masks are not only a great way to revive your moisture, but also prevent breakage, thicken hair, and prevent hair loss. A curly hair mask from CURLS will also give your hair the vitamins and nutrients it needs to not just get hydration back, but to make it last! Try our Sea Moss Collection Bundle for the ultimate moisture and repair.

Another way to prevent the humidity from attacking your hair is to make sure your hair is completely dry before exposing it to the air.

This will ensure that your curl shafts are closed and won’t be able to absorb anymore moisture that could be in the air. To make sure you’re properly closing these shafts, use a diffuser or a cotton t-shirt (ditch the towel!). This will keep your shafts from damage.

The final (and most important) way to keep your hair staying hydrated during the humid days is to lock it in with a trusted control gel or jelly.

These products contain the oils needed to lock in moisture, while also providing your hair with the correct amount of vitamins. To add the finishing touches, gels like these will have your curl definition set for the day.  Humidity won’t stand a chance!

When you have the right curly hair products, you can keep your curls looking their best no matter what the weather!