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Lice can harm your natural curly hair

Lice are small parasitic insects that are found on human scalp and survive on human blood. Lice are very common all over the world. They survive on their host and do not live long as soon as they are detached from the host. They need to be treated pronto. Head lice is very common in children. It is not dependent on the type of hair, but can be more harmful for naturally curly hair. But usually girls are more prone to lice as compared to boys. Head to head contact even for a small period can cause infection to spread from one head to another. Head lice are no too easily visible. In fact the symptoms are easy to miss. Symptoms can range from a tickling sensation to allergic itching. At times, the itching can really get bad. There are various home remedies to get rid of lice but none of them are totally successful. You can also use medicated shampoos to kill the parasites. Afterwards you can comb them out with a special comb available for that purpose. It is not safe to linger the treatment for long. If you cannot get rid of the lice completely then you must consult a doctor.