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Best Kids Shampoo for Curly Hair


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Best Kids Shampoo for Curly Hair

Keeping your little curly cutie’s hair clean can be a challenge. Their active lifestyle makes keeping clean hair days, few and far between. However, a healthy hair care environment requires keeping the hair and scalp free of additional dirt, debris and excess oil that could clog the pores or weigh the hair down. Therefore, cleansing the hair regularly is a necessary practice to put in place for your child.

How Often Should I Shampoo Curly Hair?

With frequent sweating on a daily basis, curly kids should cleanse their hair at least once a week. Curls have a way of trapping and holding onto dirt, so the cleansing process must be thorough and strategic to hit all of the important parts of the procedure. You can cleanse more than once per week or follow with a conditioner rinse in between shampoos as needed. Here is how to effectively shampoo your child’s hair:
  1. Choose the Best Kids Curly Hair Shampoo

Using the right cleanser could make or break your child’s curly hair routine. This is because the cleansing portion of one’s hair care routine sets the foundation for a healthy hair environment. Therefore, stay far away from using harsh, sulfate rich cleansers that could have a negative impact on the health of the hair. Sulfates are found in cleansers, soaps and detergents and are excellent at removing dirt and oil. In fact, it is so effective at cleansing, that it removes some of the good oils that you do not need to get rid of. Continued use of a sulfate-based shampoo could result in an unhealthy, irritated scalp and dry, weak hair. You know if you have sulfates in your shampoo by the level of suds you see forming. If it looks like the suds from baby’s bubble bath, chances are it’s full of sulfates. However, a more accurate test would be to look at the back of the bottle for terms like “ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl sulfate.” If you see the words, put the bottle down! Instead, do your research to find a shampoo or cleanser that is formulated to protect the hair from harsh chemicals, one that is made from organic ingredients found in plants and fruits. Consider Curly Q’s Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream, a gentle, moisturizing cleanser infused with Carrot Seed oil, Horse Chestnut, Sage Leaf and Arnica Montana Flower Extract. This is exceptionally formulated to cleanse, hydrate and condition the hair all in one step.
  1. Prepare to Shampoo

When you have chosen the best kids shampoo for curly hair and are ready to get started, begin by sectioning the hair in 4 big quadrants; two in the front and two in the back. Secure each section with a clip or silky pony tail holder to prevent breakage. Next, begin finger detangling the hair, section by section, starting at the sections in the back. All snags, knicks and knots should be gently removed. You can use a bit of natural coconut oil if you need a little help with dry detangling. Feel free to spray the hair with water if that will help to loosen the tangles also. Continue until all four sections of the head have been complete. Now you are ready to cleanse your little one’s hair. Simply wet the hair by saturating with water and then apply the shampoo to the major areas of the scalp and massage in. When dealing with children, you want to cover their face with a towel and speak with them throughout the entire process to hold their attention. After conditioning, rinse and repeat as needed. You know you are done when the hair is clean, no longer dull, and full of shine. Give your curly cutie a high five and explain to them all the wonderful things they are doing for themselves while preparing them for the next step.
  1. Always Follow with an Accompanying Conditioner for Kids with Curly hair

Do not underestimate the power of the conditioner rinse after the cleansing process. Remember that each time you cleanse the hair, your session is not complete until you finalize this rinse. This portion of the regimen will replenish some the healthy oils and other conditioning agents to the hair strands. Next, apply the conditioner on each area of the head in sections and massage into the hair and scalp. Let the conditioner have time to seep into the hair and then take your wide tooth comb or detangling brush and gently comb through the hair from the bottom upwards within the 4 sections. Be sure to take your time throughout the entire process. as you want this to be a positive, memorable experience for your child. Now, rinse the hair completely and move on to the moisturizing and styling portion of your routine. Follow these simple cleansing steps and you will see that the best kid shampoo for curly hair is the one that gets the job done. It is effective in removing excess dirt and oil, yet does not strip the child’s hair of the good elements from the hair and scalp. Try Curly Q’s Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream to preserve your child’s hair while giving the ultimate cleanse.



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