Introducing ClearForMe

Introducing ClearForMe

CURLS was founded with the intention of creating natural hair products with quality ingredients that the textured hair community could depend on. In 2002, Mahisha Dellinger, Founder of CURLS, collaborated with leading cosmetic and wellness experts to develop the renown brand. After 22 years, CURLS is still going strong! As told by CURLS Founder herself,“Our commitment to natural products remains, and we work to carefully uphold the principles of quality and integrity that define our brand. Our success is largely due to our evolving products that meet the needs of the natural hair industry. We wanted to make it more accessible to provide evidence on the formulas and ingredients going into our products and ClearForMe has helped us to do just that.” - Mahisha Dellinger.

To continue staying true to our mission to provide natural, quality ingredients, CURLS has partnered with ClearForMe; a database that not only provides the ingredients to our products, but simple definitions that the average consumer can frictionlessly understand. There is no standardization in ingredient labels, making it hard for consumers to find what they want. For example, Vitamin C has 35 synonyms and Salicylic Acid has 12. ClearForMe makes it easier and personalized to find what you’re looking for. It has more than 2 million ingredients in its database. ClearForMe sources their facts from accredited organizations including: World Health Organization, National Institute of Health, and many more.

We want to make CURLS accessible to every type of wave, curl, and coil. Our products are specifically formulated to cater to all textured hair wants and needs alike. We’ve always made this known, but now we’re making it clear! Check out the new ClearForMe extension under the ingredients section of our products. We were the first to carry certified organic ingredients, sourcing from fair trade suppliers and we’ll continue this work by being transparent with you while we do it!


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