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How to Manage Curly Hair

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How to Manage Curly Hair

Learn how to Manage Curly Hair for each and every CURLista, no matter what type of wavy, curly, or coily texture you have! The secret that you are waiting to hear about for having care free, manageable curls is ALL in your overall hair care and styling regiment. In other words, there is no one product or solo technique that will take care of everything for you, but rather a consistent, systematic way of caring for your hair that will bring forth predictable results.

First, Identify your Curly Hair Type

Unsure of what type of hair you have? Take a look at the CURLS Curly Hair Type Guide to learn how to identify your curly hair type. Knowing this fundamental piece of information is pivotal to obtaining more knowledge about your hair. Of course, there is plenty to learn over a lifetime with your own hair, but after reading this guide you will know more than you have ever known about your unique curls. The guide outlines the differences between straight, wavy, curly and very curl hair. Which hair type are you? Based on your hair type here are some hair hacks to incorporate into your overall care and styling plan to work towards enhanced manageability.


Optimal care includes observing the essential needs of your hair by paying close attention to its natural state and natural behaviors. Work with the flow of your hair and give it what it needs. Every hair regimen needs particular hair products for best effectiveness. Be sure to choose your products carefully.


Clean hair is healthy hair. Cleansing the hair at the right time on a regular basis is important for long- term healthy hair and a healthy scalp. The frequency of cleansing is determined by your scalp’s sebum production. Therefore if you have an oily scalp, you may cleanse a few times a week to once a week. A normal scalp can choose their cleansing frequency and a dry scalp should cleanse no more than once a week, and no less than every two weeks. Of all the products in your curl cabinet, the curly hair care deal breaker is your shampoo/cleanser. Stay far away from harsh cleansers that could break your hair! Try CURLS Curlicious Cleansing Cream for clean, moisturized strands.


All curls will reap the benefits of an organic based shampoo and conditioning duo because natural products with nourishing elements from Mother Nature speak the same language as your natural hair. When applying product formulas to your strands you want to use something gentle yet operative. It should do exactly what it is formulated to do. Condition your hair after each cleanse, being careful not to skip this part and jump straight to a leave in conditioner. A rinse out conditioner is necessary after cleansing to replace the nourishing elements lost in the cleansing process, bringing your hair back into a healthy balance. Choose your conditioner to accompany your cleanser. Try CURLS CURLS Coconut Sublime Conditioner. But there’s more. After rinsing out your conditioner, apply a leave in conditioner for protection against styling damage. Even the typical hair brushing into a ponytail can wreck havoc on your strands as time progresses. CURLS Quenched Curls Moisturizer is light enough for every hair type or for thick, kinky curls you can use the CURLS Cashmere Curls Leave in Conditioner, and all curls will love the New Blueberry Bliss Leave In Conditioner! Finally, your conditioning regiment is incomplete without scheduled deep conditioning sessions. This is really the most effective way to retain moisture long-term. So, anytime you feel like your hair is consistently dry, that is your cue to amp up the deep conditioning to once every 3 to 4 weeks with CURLS Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Deep Conditioner.


Sealing the moisture into your hair is a technique for holding in the goodness you have already applied. This step is not necessary for everyone but if you find that your hair is often dry, damaged and in need or quenching or repair, try sealing in your moisture with a high quality oil blend. Use Champagne and Caviar Curl Elixir on the ends of your strands to seal your ends and hold in those precious nutrients. This hair care technique is also used for retaining length, the essential element for growing to longer lengths. Follow this plan for continued hair care! Now you are ready for Hair styling!

Curly Hair Styling Techniques

Healthy hair is AWESOME, but healthy, gorgeous hair is even better. Choosing the best stylers for your hair are important to get the results you are looking for. For looser curls, choose stylers that pick up your curl and define your tendrils for a more defined full look. You will love lighter products that do not weigh the hair down but enhance its texture, and add shine. For tighter curls, work with your hair texture! To enhance those corkscrew curls, style your hair when wet and finish your look with a curl controlling pomade to combat frizz. If you want to stretch your curl, you can, by using products with a higher molecular weight formulated for your hair type. These products typically include heavy curl creams, pastes and jelly stylers. The options are endless. For lists of organic, healthy styling options choose from this list choose from this list of stylers. When applying, be gentle with your curls, using styling tools when necessary and being extra delicate when handling the ends of your hair. You will love the ease and carefree lifestyle you will gain from following a strategic, consistent hair care management system. Commit to a healthy hair lifestyle and your hair will commit to looking and behaving just the way you like it. Remember to sleep on a satin or silk fabric nightly to protect what you’ve worked so hard for!
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