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How to get Curly Hair


How to Get Curly Hair

Find out how to get curly hair without using chemicals or other harsh treatments on your hair! For our CURListas out there with naturally curly hair, please see our previous post on how to manage curly hair. Okay, believe it or not, you really can achieve a curly look no matter how straight your natural hair may be. You can achieve this through traditional curly hair styling methods like the roller set, braid-out, twist-out or a trendy technique like the bantu knot-out. Here’s how:


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Get Curly Hair through the Roller Set Method

For centuries women have used this method on all hair types to manipulate their natural hair texture. The science behind this method is in the physical composition of the hair itself. Hair strands are essentially made of a protein substance called keratin, small traces of water, and binding agents. Although simple in theory, the hair structure is quite complicated. Holding all of the complexities together is a series of bonds with different functions. It is within these bonds that determine the strength of the hair. However, the bonds also hold the power of altering and manipulating the hair texture, curl pattern or lack thereof. The strongest bond is the disulfide bond and can only be broken via chemical treatments like permanent wave kits and relaxer treatments. On the other hand, the weakest bond is called the hydrogen bond, which can be temporarily broken in the presence of heat or water. When this interaction happens, the bonds temporarily loosen and the hair can then be manipulated into your desired shape. Once the hair has cooled, the hydrogen bonds reassemble to temporarily hold whatever shape the hair is in. When the presence of heat or water returns, the hair will revert back to its natural state. This entire process explains why and how the traditional roller set technique has remained a classic, go-to styling method for achieving curly hair. Here is a step-by-step process to help you towards a curly lifestyle:
  1. Cleanse the hair with a gentle; sulfate free, cleanser to remove excess product build up that can hinder your style.
  2. Condition your threads with an accompanying conditioner to replenish the necessary moisture levels in your hair to sustain your new curls!
  3. Apply a leave in conditioner to your hair based on the texture that you have. Thick, kinky hair textures will need a cream based moisturizer and fine, straight textures will do better with a water-based leave in to lightly prepare for styling.
  4. While the hair is still wet, start your set by applying your curly hair styling product to a small section of hair. Based on the texture of your hair, you can choose the best styler for you. Fine hair and or straight hair should use a light botanical based gel to naturally manipulate the texture with hold. Thick, higher textured hair can use a thicker, jelly or cream based styler for curl molding.
  5. Now, comb through small section of hair and roll the hair smooth and taught onto the roller and secure with a metal clip or bobby pin.
  6. Move to the next section, apply your styling product, gently comb through the hair section and continue the styling procedure. Repeat this same process until you complete the entire head shape.
  7. Sit under a hooded dryer with warm heat for at least an hour or until completely dry. For the last 5 minutes of your drying time, switch the temperature to cool for a longer lasting set with enhanced shine!
  8. Take down your set very gently and with a bit of natural Argan oil or another light hair oil. Slowly separate individual curls to deliver the level of volume you desire. Shake and go!
You can enjoy your roller set for up to a week. To make your style last longer; reinforce the curls with rollers overnight on subsequent days. This same technique is used for the other style-outs with one simple change; replace step 5 of the procedure. All other elements of the style will remain the same. See for yourself!

Braid Out

a364e6d7-743c-4055-8e66-204c2ddc1a4dAfter applying your styler to a small section, gently comb the product through and perform a three-strand braid from the base of the scalp to the ends of the hair. You could also complete cornrow sections from the forehead to the nape of your neck. Secure the end with a plastic clip, bobby pin or a perm rod as pictured. Enjoy this Braid out Video!

Twist Out

2015-09-13-03-55-29-639 Apply your styler to a small section and gently comb the product through. Perform a two-strand twist by wrapping two sections of hair around each other. Secure the ends of the hair with a bobby pin or a mini roller for an extra boost of curl! Enjoy this Twist Out Video! 2015-07-04-01-22-29-690

Bantu Knot-Out

BLUEBERRY PASTE step 2 (1)Apply your styler to small sections of the hair and gently detangle the section with a comb. Perform a Bantu-knot by rolling the section clockwise until it begins to coil into a mini-ball or bun. Be sure to take your time and make very neat knots. If necessary, secure the knot with a bobby pin for security. Enjoy this Bantu Knot Out Video! BLUEBERRY paste step 4 (2)

Continue until you complete all 8 steps of your chosen style method and enjoy your new curly lifestyle with these different types of curly hairstyles!