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Green is the New Black:The Green Collection


Green is the New Black!

By Sess Cannon Green really is becoming the Black! You know that means right? We are getting more and more woke sis! We as people are really getting in tune to what we are allowing into our body’s and even into our space. The green lifestyle is taking over with more and more naturalists becoming woke to the movement and its benefits all around. Whether it be for hair products or cleaning supplies, reading labels has become a high priority now days. It is obvious at this point that natural hair is here to stay so consumers are putting hair care products under a lens to ensure ingredients are lining up with this new found green lifestyle. That’s why it was time to go beyond just paraben and silicone free. It was time to GO GREEN! All green, all vegan, pure, simple and fresh. A full line of products that is completely vegan and different than any other line in our collection. The CURLS Green Collection consists of five products that are solving hair care problems, consciously. Sea Kelp Curl Cleanser:


PROBLEM: Dry, itchy scalp. Limp, vitamin deprived hair. Moisturizing shampoo that gently cleanses the hair and scalp. Fortified with pure sea kelp, and packed with vitamins, this cleanser packs a powerful, yet gentle punch in hydrating and softening each strand. Sea Kelp and Cucumber Hair Mask:

PROBLEM: Tangled, lackluster, damaged hair. Dry, vitamin deprived hair Maximum moisture, conditioning and detangling in this vitamin rich hair mask. Achieve maximum moisture in 15 minutes with or without heat, while stimulating hair growth and repairing damaged strands. Use after you cleanse. Green Tea Hair Rinse:

PROBLEM: Unbalanced pH. Dull, moisture deprived hair Seal in moisture and create shine with this refreshing hair rinse. Full of antioxidants and a unique strand of amino acids that strengthen hair and prevents split ends. Balance the ph of the hair and scalp and close the cuticle, creating more manageable hair that is full of sheen and luster. Similar to an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse but better! Use the Green Tea Rinse after you have rinsed the hair mask to close the cuticle and trap in moisture. For high porosity hair you can use after the shampoo as well to close the cuticle and create shine. This is not a leave in and must be rinsed out. You may also use this after coloring to seal in the color and restore the pH. Can also use to scrub the scalp before shampooing to loosen build up and rid scalp. This is not a leave in and must be rinsed out! Bamboo Protein Treatment

PROBLEM: Frail, weak, brittle hair. Chemically/color treated hair. Naturally strengthens the hair and repairs damage to the hair cuticle from any chemical or mechanical damage. Thickens hair from root to tip and gently purifies the scalp to rid of any product buildup. Use the bamboo protein treatment after you cleanse and before applying any styling product. This leave in treatment is so versatile. Use as a thermal protectant, use after color to prevent breakage, use before coloring to get even coverage or add to your deep conditioner to provide extra protein for transitioning or color treated hair. This is a LEAVE IN treatment that can be used after every shampoo, not as a daily leave in. If you are protein sensitive use as your hair desires. Avocado Hair Mousse

PROBLEM: Breakage prone hair. Frizzy, undefined styles. Rich in mono-saturated fatty acids that moisturize, nourish and strengthen hair strands for a silky soft feel. A styling mousse that provides amazing detangling power with a light hold to your twist out, braid out, washngo, rod set or any desired natural style. Because our mousse is completely vegan and alcohol free the foaming content is low. But don’t worry, you get definition without the crunch!

Problems solved!