Diffusing the Curly Hair Situation: Eliminate Frizz and Add Volume

By Tiffani Douglas

How to diffuse curly hair without the frizz. If you have curly hair and don’t own a diffuser, you’re doing it wrong. Diffusers were MADE for curly hair girls and it’s an essential styling tool for drying and defining curls. If you’ve never used a diffuser, you should first know what it is. Most of us own a blow dryer – no news flash there, and sometimes that blow dryer comes with attachments. If you had relaxed hair once upon a time, then you probably shrugged your shoulders and threw any attachment other than the comb into a drawer somewhere along with other meaningless notions. Well, now that you have naturally curly hair, you're going to want to dig through that drawer and get that diffuser out. Trust me it will be your new friend! What is a Diffuser? A diffuser is an attachment used on your blow dryer that disperses direct air from your dryer into an evenly distributed or diffused circle of air. Diffusers help to minimize frizz, add volume, decrease drying time and enhance your curl pattern. Blow-drying alone can create frizzy hair and disrupt the curl pattern. Harsh direct heat and aimless, blowing air ruins curls. Diffusers reduce the pressure on your curls and control where and how the air blows – keeping those curls intact. Now that you know what a diffuser is and what it does, there’s still the issue of how to use it properly in combination with curly hair products to keep the frizzies away and still rock beautiful curly locks. How to Diffuse Hair Without Frizz? Heat styling is still heat styling, and although a diffuser is better for curly hair, using it incorrectly can be just as harmful to your hair. Here’s how to properly use a diffuser and get the outcome you desire.
  1. After shampooing and conditioning your curls, apply a frizz-fighting leave-in conditioner while your hair is wet to lock in moisture. Cashmere+Caviar Hair Silk deeply hydrates and detangles to decrease frizz in preparation for diffusing.
  1. Curl creams are great for locking in curls and preventing dry hair. You can also consider a sealing serum, like Cashmere+Caviar Hair Serum to add sheen and moisture and also to protect your hair from heat.
  1. Now, set your dryer on low or medium heat and airspeed. Though it may take longer, using your dryer on a lower setting prevents drying out your delicate curly hair or causing frizz. Remember Type 4 hair is fragile so less is more when diffusing.
  1. Start with your roots. To add volume lean your head to the left or right side, place the diffuser at your roots, and work your way out to the ends. Repeat the process on each side until your hair is dry. Avoid flipping your head upside down as it can make hair frizzier. Let your ends air-dry naturally.
  1. Finish with Blueberry Bliss CURL Control Jelly to define, defrizz and hold your curls in place.
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