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Chinese remedies for Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is said to be an auto-immune condition in which the entire immune system of the body, especially the white blood cells, damage the hair follicles. As a result you end up losing a lot of hair. In most cases, the hair usually falls out in small round patches. Alopecia areata affects nearly four million Americans irrespective of gender, age and background. Alopecia is not too painful or life threatening. But it sure hampers the emotional stability of a person. Chinese herbs can treat this condition very well. Chinese medicine targets the root imbalances in the body which might cause alopecia. There are basically two patterns in Chinese Medicine that can result in the hair loss symptomatic of alopecia areata. The first is the Liver and Kidney Yin Deficiency. This basically points to the fact that the energy of the body that usually nurtures the hair follicles is lacking. The herbs nourishes Liver and Kidney Yin, and helps hair to grow. The second pattern deals with Toxic Heat in the body. The herb reduces the inflammation and acidity in the body. It encourages the cooling yin energy of the body and helps in growth of hair.
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