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Chemicals to Avoid in Curly Hair Products

Buying curly hair products without going through their contents and ingredients is not a wise thing to do. Often hair products contain chemicals that are harmful for your hair; and slowly poison your hair. Whenever you go shopping for hair products, make sure that you read the contents of the products you pick and stay on a lookout for these detrimental chemicals that are often added in curly hair products.


Parabens are used in a lot of hair products to prevent and stop the growth of bacteria in your hair. Studies have shown that parabens often produce a lot of negative spin-offs such as severe skin rashes, allergies; and prolonged and excessive use can also escalate the chances of breast cancer. Also, they weaken your immune system.


Triethanolamine is commonly referred to as TEA; it is incorporated in hair products to adjust their pH value. Generally, TEA is a constituent of a majority of the shampoos and conditioners available in the market. Health specialists have found out that TEA adversely affects the liver and bladder; also it can result in blisters on the scalp and parched hair.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Manufacturers often fool customers by claiming sodium lauryl sulfate to be a naturally existing ingredient driven from coconuts. In reality, it is a synthetic chemical that impacts our body adversely. It is normally used in detergents but some manufacturers also put it in shampoos. Sodium lauryl sulfate produces allergies in the eyes, rashes on the skin and also causes excessive hair loss.


Formaldehyde is often incorporated in shampoos as a preservative. It has been declared as a carcinogen by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; and is believed to injure the DNA. Make sure to avoid these injurious chemicals while purchasing curly hair products to keep your curls healthy and strong.