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Biotin for your Curly Hair

A good amount of vitamins and minerals are required to battle hair loss as well as to prevent it from occurring. Biotin is a water soluble vitamin that is essential for growth of curly hair. The proper ingestion of Biotin plays a crucial role in preventing loss of curly and normal hair. Biotin and hair loss are closely related. Biotin deficiency can result in hair that is prone to damage which will ultimately lead to hair loss. Biotin helps in growth of hair too. All organisms require biotin. However, it can only be synthesized by yeasts, molds, algae, bacteria, and certain other species of plant. Vitamin B7 or biotin can help encourage healthy growth of hair as well as prevent nails from getting brittle. Biotin helps to metabolize fatty acids that are necessary growth components in a number of processes in the body essentially the hair. Some indication for biotin deficiency is abnormal hair loss. In extreme cases, the loss can be in the eye brows as well as eye lashes. If you have been diagnosed with a deficiency in biotin, then you must use biotin supplements in order to balance the deficiency. But before that it is important to keep in mind that you need to avoid foods that are high in protein content. Protein binds with biotin which may result in unavailability of biotin in the body leading to hair loss.