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Battling a Oily scalp

Having oily hair can be really painful. It not only contributes to acne formation but also leaves the hair greasy and dirty. Usually people with straight hair tend to have an oily hair. Straight hair moves hair away from the scalp very fast. This explains why Asians are more prone to oily hair. To prevent your hair from looking oily and unattractive, you must keep your scalp squeaky clean. Make sure that you apply shampoo to your scalp and use your fingers to massage the scalp. Ask for shampoos specific for oily hair. Avoid applying conditioners after shampooing. It only enhances the hair ability to attract grease. You may apply shampoo twice during one wash if you feel that your hair is not cleaned yet. When you have lot of grease and oil, then shampoos will not foam. So once your shampoo starts foaming, you can be sure that your hair is clean. Do not brush your hair too often if it is oily in nature. The more you brush, the easier it becomes for the sebum to move. So touch your hair as less as possible.