Brandi Harrell blue braid out

7 Reasons to be THANKFUL for my CURLS!

Sure, sure, natural hair can be a lot of work, but so can every other type of hair. In the month of thanks let’s count our curl blessings! Ready, Go!


1. It’s Mine, All Mine!

One of the best reasons to thankful for your curls is just that; they’re yours! Sprouting straight from your precious scalp are individual strands with a mind of their own, given to you from Heaven above. Let’s be thankful for every crimp, every coil, curl and swirl we have.


2. Maximum Volume!

No matter what your curl pattern is, textured hair is blessed with a customizable amount of volume. Spread those curls high into the sky or smooth them like silk. The choice is yours. My vote is to go big or go home. After curl setting with your favorite CURLS Styler like Curls Gel-les’c, shake, shake and shake your tendrils! Need more volume, use your Afro pick to gently, yet strategically pick up the roots for even more volume. Finally to reach maximum fullness, separate your curls for ultimate hair height!

BUN (1)

3. Versatility!

Rock the bun on Monday, a Goddess- Crown braid on Tuesday, a Wash N go Wednesday and a Blowout Twist Out on Thursday. The truth is your style is beyond limitless when you have natural curls. Play around with the free flowing, happy hair styles your hair allows, and have fun with it!

blackbeauty (1)

4. Products, Products, Products!

Curly Girls never have to feel guilty for their hair product purchasing habits. We need ton of conditioner, curl cream, deep treatments and so on and so forth! Go ahead and make your curl obsession purchases because guess what? You are going to need it! Furthermore, let’s face it; the fact is that if hair products are in a curly girl’s home, they WILL be put to good use. Try the New CURLS Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection here!

CURLSgirls with fleatherwood

5. The Curlfriends Network

Nothing is greater than attending a natural hair workshop or event in one of your favorite cities and meeting other women that look JUST like you and speak the same lingo as you do. Curls Friends can spark instant converstation and chat about everything from wash and go techniques to bedtime regimens, fairy knots and so much more. Get to know the women who are doing what you are doing, and even if their texture is different than yours, share what you have learned and try to apply some their new fundamentals to your own hair care regimen.


6. Every Style Looks intentional

With a bobby pin here and there, EVERY style looks thoroughly planned and executed. Natural hair is the easiest to style and most everyone has the capacity to master his or her look. To take any look a step further, add some dangly, sparkling earrings and a pop of lip color and you are instantly #NaturallyGlam!

MODELSinbrazil (800x600)

7. It’s the Hautest trend for the last 10 years and counting!

Curly Mamas aren’t going anywhere; we started “rollin’ deep” over 10 years ago and haven’t even started to climax yet.

Enjoy the ride; it will be a great one!

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