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7 Must-Try Tips For Growing Natural Hair

Having trouble growing your natural hair? Does everybody else seem to grow hair quicker compared to you? You're not alone in your struggle. Many women have hair that seems very difficult to grow. Some have curls that are even more inclined towards breakage and dryness, which totally impacts growth! It may seem hard, but all women can enjoy healthy hair growth. We at CURLS have put together a simple list full of helpful tips for growing natural hair that you can try at home! With proper care, maintenance, usage of the best organic curly hair product for growth, and an excellent hair care routine, you can enjoy longer, stronger, natural hair. Here are some hair care tips to help you reach your hair growth goals:

Tip #1 Buy natural hair care products that fit your hair type

Different types of hair have different demands. Since hair welcomes a variety of textures, you have to examine your hair type to purchase shampoos or other hair growth products that are perfectly made for you. Look for "sulfate-free" shampoos and conditioners for curly hair, as sulfates can lead your hair to frizz and breakage. Shampoos containing organic oils and extracts are better at keeping your hair moisturized and soft. You can also ask for recommendations and further guidance from



Tip #2 Observe proper hair washing routine if your goal is growing curly hair

Frequently washing your hair can be damaging because you can shred out the natural oils out of your hair and leave it dehydrated and breakable. If your hair tends to be more sensitive, it's essential to know how often you should wash it. A lot of people are used to shampooing their hair every day, but truth-be-told that isn't recommended. Our hair has certain natural oils that are essential, so we should wash our hair with trusted hair growth products, but only when necessary! This prevents our hair from breaking easily while keeping our scalp from drying out quickly. You can try to wash your hair once a week, or less often if you notice that your hair is still drying out. In between cleansing sessions, opt for a conditioner-only rinse, then apply your leave-in conditioner (here's one we recommend) to secure the moisture. Lastly, focus on your scalp when you cleanse, to remove the build-up from your hair properly.

Tip #3 Conditioner is your hair growth product’s best friend

Remember how our hair has essential natural oils? These can disappear when you use shampoo only. Following up with a conditioner ensures that moisture is replenished, and your natural curls are kept healthier and stronger. You need to purchase conditioners formulated for your hair type (find one here), especially if your hair is curly and inclined to breakage. Once you’ve found the conditioner for you, all you need to do after shampooing is 2 simple steps.
  1. Rest the conditioner in your hair for a few minutes
  2. Rinse with cool water to seal up the moisture.
You can also apply deep conditioners containing blueberry fruit extract and aloe barbadensis leaf juice to provide extra protection and nourishment for your hair.

Tip #4 Find the best hair oil for you

What better way to keep your curls, kinks, and waves healthy; then by choosing the right natural hair growth treatment for you! One of the best ways to keep locks glossy and healthy is by using natural hair oils daily. These hair oils strengthen and protect hair strands to avoid breakage as well as stimulate hair growth. Through these products, you can get longer hair in no time! Some of the recommended products would be plant based oils such as Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Lavender Oil, Argan Oil, and other plant-based oils, which are sure to give your hair a natural glow. Using your desired hair oil, massage your scalp at least one to three times a week. 

Tip #5 Trim your hair regularly

Cutting off split ends doesn't magically make your hair grow, but it prevents damage from progressing to the ends of your hair shaft which results in breakage. Trimming your hair once every other month can promote and maintain hair length and density.

Tip #6 Take care of yourself to boost hair growth for natural hair

Choose water instead of drinking coffee, soft drinks, or other sugary liquids. Eat a balanced diet and get hair growth vitamins to support growing natural hair. Remember, healthy hair comes from the inside first. The most recommended foods that promote hair growth are the following:
  • Lean Red meat
  • Eggs
  • Sweet potatoes and carrots
  • Oatmeal, and many more!
Take care of yourself, and the rest will follow. Make sure that the hair growth products you are getting are fit for you. Be patient and have faith in your hair—you got this!

**Bonus Tip**: Love your scalp!

A clean and healthy scalp promotes good cell turnover and results in an environment for optimal hair growth. The scalp is responsible for transporting nutrients to your hair and directly correlates to the health of your hair! This is something that’s been preached for ages, but not everyone does scalp care regularly (We can admit that we’ve not always been the best at this either 😞so let’s work on being better!). If you’re not sure what product to use, you HAVE got to try our amazing hair growth and scalp treatment product.