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6 Tips for Curly Hair Care & Growth

Curly Hair Care Tips

We'll give you the top curly hair care tips to take care of your luscious mane!
Do you want long, luxurious curls? We will share our top hair care tips for curly hair and the best growth hacks to give you your best hair yet! We will cover the basics you'll need to know when giving your hair the best treatment, from hair care oil to shampoo and to trimming habits. You deserve to be confident in your curls, and our passion here at Curls is to provide you with the very best info to get that confidence! The hair growth remedies we'll share below will change how you care for your hair.

Our Top 6 Curly Hair Care Tips

The truth is, our curly hair requires a bit more maintenance than other types of hair to maintain its natural beauty. But finding the proper routine will help simplify the process and help keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy! As you follow these steps below, they will allow for maximum hair growth and minimum damage. Here's to getting your best hair yet!

1. Comb the Right Way

Our first tip for your curly hair routine is combing! Detangling your hair the right way is essential to preserving your natural curl and preventing breakage.
The best way to prevent damage is by combing from the ends up to the roots. This will prevent your brush from getting tangled in your hair and help prevent breakage.
Combing your hair through is the start of our hair care process, and will prep your hair care tips below.

2. Have a Pre-Shampoo Regime

The next tip begins before you get in the shower! A pre-shampoo regime will prep your curly hair the right way before washing.
This regime should include products that work to detangle and soften the hair before applying shampoo. This is because shampoos and conditioners tend to dry out hair and strip your scalp of oils, leaving it dry and the ends vulnerable to breakage.
So your next step should include applying a detangler to your hair BEFORE stepping in the shower and then applying the other products. We recommend Blueberry Bliss Reparative Conditioner for pre-shampoo use. Your curls will thank you! (And so will your scalp).

3. Trim Your Hair

You read that right! Getting regular trims will help maintain the natural beauty of your hair, but it will also help with your hair growth!
Trimming regularly will prevent unnecessary snags and breakage at the ends of your hair, which will make it more healthy overall and allow for new hair to grow a lot easier.
Since getting regular hair trims will allow your hair to grow better, let's go ahead and talk a bit more about what else can stimulate healthy hair growth.

4. Proper Washing Routine

A proper washing routine is a basis for fantastic hair – and who doesn't want that? One of the quickest ways to change your hair's health is finding the right shampoo and conditioner.
We have Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Wash that is perfect for bringing health back to your hair and stimulating quicker hair growth. There is truly not a better hair growth shampoo you could use for your curly hair!
Along with using the right shampoo is a tip to not use that shampoo every day on your hair. Shampoos and conditioners tend to dry out your hair naturally and so using them every day would cause the ends to dry and be more vulnerable to breakage and damage in general.

Hair Oil

In between washes, using oil like Blueberry & Mint Tea Scalp Treatment will help keep your hair moisturized and beautiful. Oil will prevent unnecessary frizz, which will make the combing process easier for you and result in better hair growth!

6.  Eat the Right Foods

Our final tip for stimulating hair growth on your luscious locks is all about what you consume! The foods we eat play a massive role in how our body functions and feels. And that also translates into how our hair grows!
Eat foods that are rich in protein, get enough vegetables, and drink a lot of water. Eating a balanced diet will give you the hair of your dreams and help you with your hair growth!
These hair care tips will ultimately give you your very best curly hair and allow for better hair growth in the end! Take care of your crown, and be proud of those amazing curls!
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