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6 Easy Curly Hairstyles You Can Do at Home

6 Easy Curly Hairstyles You Can Do at Home

By Danny Puopolo,

Soft waves and telephone-wire curls are locks to envy, more so when we see celebrities, socialites, and other public personalities wearing their curly hair with so much grace and confidence. While these people make us believe that maintaining curly hair is easy, truth be told having curly hair is hard to maintain. The strands get dry and frizzy easily and often become unruly on an ordinary day. Fortunately, there are life hacks for styling your curly locks at home without the aid of salon professionals using CURLS Ultimate Styling Collection Available at Target Stores. Get to know six of them:



Audrey Hepburn Updos

Updos in general are perfect for curly-haired women. Whether you want a romantic, sleek or casual updo, you can achieve the look in less than 5 minutes. To do so, gather your hair together and lift them up somewhere between your nape and the crown of your head. Hold it securely by wrapping your hair around to form a bun using bobby pins. Do not worry if you have not parted your hairline neatly. With naturally curly hair, you can create an artistic "mess" people will love. If you want to complete the look with side tendrils, feel free to be creative. Use CURLS B Enviable Creamy Curl Gel to achieve this look.



French Twists

Another effortless and elegant hairstyle is the doable French twist. Rake your locks onto one side. While in this position, fasten the combed side with bobby pins and apply CURLS B Defined Curl Defining Gel for a cleaner look. Then, altogether twist the lose end upward into a French twist. Some can pull this off on the first try, while others make take several attempts before perfecting the hairstyle. Don’t lose your patience and take time learning as a French twist for a curly woman can mean significant salon savings.



Cheerleader Ponytails

Women gifted with natural waves and curls are never caught without a clip or an elastic band. When bad hair day strikes, these hair tools will prove to be lifesavers. Likewise, gracing your look with a high ponytail, characteristic of a typical cheerleader, will be your lifesaver when in a rush to an event, work meeting or family gathering. This hairstyle is not only doable, it’s also very versatile. It can be worn across different occasions especially when your locks are curly. It will never look plain as it would with a straight hair. Use CURLS B Smooth Curl Butter Gel to achieve this look.



Low Buns

Who doesn’t love a classic low-bun? It is a staple look for any woman with any hair texture. Unlike ponytails that can only be flattering to specific facial shapes, low buns are like the white T-shirt for hair. They flatter virtually every face shape. All you need again is an elastic band and a handful of bobby pins to fasten your locks together near the nape. For a classic finish, use CURLS B Smooth Curl Butter Gel for hold.



Side Twists

Embrace your femininity with side twists that are super convenient to create. With side twists, you can look neat without having to hide all strands. Gather an inch-thick of hair on each side of your head and twist them until you get the desired tightness. Once done, bring both twisted sides towards the back of your head, either in the middle or lower part. Then secure the shafts with a band or a bejeweled clip to complete your royal look. With practice, you will eventually find yourself varying the positions and twists. Use CURLS B N Control Curl Sculpting Gel, the looks are limitless.



School-Girl Braids

Never underestimate the power of braids. When pressed for time and for some reasons your updos and buns always fall apart on a hectic Monday morning, shift to braids, either side or back, high or low. Even for a corporate look, braids can be pulled off with the right attitude. With your naturally wavy or curly hair, loose braids look even sexier. If you wish, you can apply gel, use B Defined Curl Defining Gel to keep the baby hair from standing up. With practice, you’ll be able to combine one or two of the suggested hairstyles to create your own look. You can combine braids and twists into a bun and your day will shine even brighter.


Danny Puopolo is an Australian hairstylist and creative director at Rakis, a well-loved authority in hairdressing. Check out their site for more inspiration along with regular blogs and hairstyle updates.

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