4 different ways of refreshing curly hair types

Curly Hair Types: 4 Different Ways of Refreshing Your Curls

We all want frizz-free and bouncy hair that’s full of life. A great hair day, after all, contributes a lot to our confidence. But sometimes our perfectly styled curls can betray us early in the morning, especially when they look misshapen or limp when we get out of bed! Wouldn’t it be magical if us curly hair types could have good hair days every single day? Magic aside, every head of curls is different. Don't fret, because there ARE tried and tested ways you can refresh your tresses and bring back their bounce! Check out our favorite ways of refreshing curly hair below.

Smoothe your curly hair with your fingers

One effective way to keeping your curls fresh is by first massaging a leave in conditioner onto the hair. Then, styling sections of your hair with the use of gel. Hair gel can keep your old curls in place and maintain the style as well. Apply a small amount of gel in your palms. B N Control Curl Sculpting Gel is recommended as it works best for situations like this. Ease it on the sections of your hair without running your fingers through. Then, properly scrunch your hair and let it dry. (If you don’t know what scrunching, it’s a technique of holding your hair in a section and crumpling it.) To see quicker results, you can use a diffuser in a cool environment.

Spray water on your curly hair

If your hair has fewer tangles and is just a little limp, this method can work for you! Fill a spray bottle with a moderate amount of water and sprinkle it evenly on your hair. You can put a spoonful of your favorite conditioner, leave-in conditioner, a few drops of oil, curl cream, or gel. The mixture of conditioner and water can refresh dry and frizzy curls. A spray of aqua is especially essential if you add a lot of styling products to your hair. Plus, the products you used from your previous wash day can be reactivated with just a spritz. Now that you’re done spraying your hair, you should take a small quantity of styling product in your hand and spread it on your hair without running your fingers through it. Then, flip your head down and scrunch!

Make finger coils using natural hair care products

Finger coils can help if your curls are looking rigid and out of place. Apply your favorite styling product to your curls and twirl each strand around your finger. You can use gel, serum, or oil. We recommend styling gel products specifically made for smoothing, defining, and controlling curls that can be used for different styles. Afterward, scrunch your hair and let your curls air dry.

Soak your hair thoroughly in the shower

To help realign your hair and clump the curls, bend down and splash one or two cups of water on your hair. You can also stand in the shower for a minute or two. Remember not to run your fingers through your curls! Before leaving the shower, apply leave-ins (try conditioners with blueberry extract that can soften your stressed out curls), and scrunch your hair. All these methods have two things in common: water and organic curly hair care products. While water helps a lot in the formation of your curls as it reforms hydrogen bonds, you also need the right products that can naturally protect, repair, and grow your curls for maximum vibrancy. That’s exactly what CURLS natural hair products do! Formulated for curly hair types using natural ingredients, our products are the perfect way to keep your curly hair beautiful and stunning. Remember these tips, and don’t let a bad hair day ruin your morning!
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