3 Travel Tips for Protective Style Wearers – How to Keep Your Protective Hairstyles for Vacation Looking Fabulous, on the Go!

3 Travel Tips for Protective Style Wearers – How to Keep Your Protective Hairstyles for Vacation Looking Fabulous, on the Go!

Traveling while wearing extensions requires a different strategy than when you travel with your natural hair. To keep your hair looking its best while on the go, follow these tips and tricks:

Tip #1: Pre-Plan your Style

This is the hack of the day! When traveling with extensions, the first thing you should do is sit down and think about which protective style you should wear that fits the location you travel to, as well as the activities that you will be doing. For example, are you going to the Bahamas? Do you plan to swim a few times a week? If so, you would want to consider a style that makes swimming both simple and easy for your hair style. A few great protective styling options for you would include individual braid extensions or feed-in cornrows with extensions. The options are limitless, there are so many vacation braids to choose from like feed in braids, butterfly braids, knotless braids and more! Take your pick, just remember whenever your travel includes lots of water activities, your default style should always be travel BRAIDS... every time. However, if a wig or a sew in is your jam, you can follow these same tips and tricks.

Tip #2: Pre-pack your Products

Now that your hair style has been selected, the next step is to think through all of the products that you might need for your travels. If your hairstyle includes braid, wigs or weave extensions, you want to pack an edge pomade like CURLS Hair Under There Protect Me Edge Styling Pomade to smooth your hairline for the best look, each day. Don’t forget your edge brush as you will use this daily! Now that you have taken care of your daily styling, pre-plan for your hair care. Daily moisture requires that you pack your Hair Under There Bomb Braid in Conditioner. You will use this as needed by adding a dollop into your palms and then pat the cream onto the braids, focusing on the areas where your hair is exposed. This will infuse your hair with moisture whenever you need it. Finally, if you are planning to swim, bring your Hair Under There Detox Tea Cleansing Shampoo and Strengthen Me Moisture Mask to keep your hair cleansed and conditioned after a saltwater or chlorine encounter.

Tip #3: Get Ahead of your Plan B

Finally, what happens when everything goes wrong? Well for you, NOTHING, because you will have thought through everything. Here is your fool proof Plan B plan:

  • Pack travel sizes of your products and plop them in your carry-on or purse.
  • Throw your edge brush into your carry-on or purse.
  • Pack a travel size of your trusted curl cream in case you find yourself having to switch up your hair style and rock your natural hair. 😩
  • Also make sure silk scarf is always on hand for when you sleep on the plane and each night before bed.

Vacation hairstyles must be planned before traveling. Whether you wear travel braids, wigs, or any protective hairstyles, take some time to sit down and PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. Lucky for you, the hair products are planned for you. Use these same tips for whichever protective style you choose. You’ve got this! Enjoy your trip, but first, get your products from www.curls.com!